Exercises to Improve Strength to the Lower Back

When a person is experiencing lower back pain there are some things they can do to counteract it. The best exercise to strengthen lower back will help reduce the main and ease muscles tension.

Partial Crunches

This exercise will help strengthen the muscles in the lower back as well as the stomach. To do this a person should lie down with their knees bent. The arms are placed over the best. A person will raise their shoulders off of the floor. The position should be held for a couple of seconds. A person will then go back to the floor. This should be repeated 8 to 12 times.

Hamstring Stretch

This exercise will help the lower back muscles. A person should lie on their back and bend on knee. A towel should be lopped around the bottom of the foot. The knee is then straightened while the towel was pulled back. The leg should then be held up for a period of 30 seconds and then lowered to the ground. This should be repeated 4 times per leg.

These are just some of the exercises to help strengthen the muscles in the lower back. A person will feel less pain and will have a greater range of motion.